Thruk, Troll Experiment #274

Calm and almost docile, the troll who calls himself Thruk passively sits on a barrel inches from your blades. Responding to inquiries with simple but honest answers, his attitude toward your presence borders on apathy. Vastly more intelligent then any troll you have ever seen, his wits nearly matching the smartest in the party.

Kindly offering to show you safe passage through the caves for a mere 100 gp, he picks up his pair of daunting fullswords and begins to guide you through the treacherous terrain. As you traverse the subterrane, your guide divulges bits of information regarding his past. Having no memory prior to his capture, the wizards he refers to as “the sodality” preformed experiments that radically altered him and are the reason for his high intelligence. As you inquire further about them, his eyes seem to flash with fiery rage and he falls silent.


Showing his true colors at last, Thruk pulls out his fullswords and politely requests that you hand over your possessions at this time. Recognizing that the entire party was too grave a threat alone, he guided them closer to the exit of the cave and in so doing, into the lair of several of his troll brethren. Fearing Thruk for his power over fire, they respond to his request and attack on command.

Click below to download the smartest troll your party will ever meet…



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