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The Smiling Ones – The White Hand

This is part of a series of creatures called The Smiling Ones, read the introduction here…

“…sir?!?” The rookie looks at you with a pallor disposition, looking rather woozy.

“Don’t worry son, this is not the first time I have seen something like this.” You tell the quivering soldier. “There is nothing to see here, go wait outside.” Hoping that he isn’t able to see the sheer terror in your eyes, you turn to face the grisly scene before you.

Six bodies lie upon the tavern floor. Half burnt to a crisp, still wafting small plumes of smoke from their sprawled corpses. Those not charcoal need to have their pulverized faces cleaned off the tables and walls. Flashing back to a bloodbath not too different on the outskirts of town, it is your turn for a flash of pallor.

Drawing you back from your reminiscing, you catch a bit of movement from the back of the tavern. Squinting and straining your eyes against the darkness, all you can make out are the piercing eyes of a smiling white face.

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The White Hand